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Gas Service/ MGE Retirees’ Association of Missouri

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What do dues cost per year? A: [$10.00] Q: I couldn’t tell whether the member log-in procedure had been set up yet or whether you are still developing it? A:The Member Login is still under development at this time. I expect it to be completed soon. When it is completed, members will have access to other retirees email addresses; home addresses; phone numbers and location. This depends, of course, if the retiree wants us to list their information at all. Everyone will receive an email requesting their permission to post their respective information on the website. Those emails will be kept on file. If the member decides to not continue his/her listing, it will be removed after we receive an email to delete them.
Send your questions to us! We will post your questions on our FAQ page!

Employee Comments!

June 27 2014 - James Fockler Roy, I just filled out the sigh- up sheet for membership. I was at the meeting at the Argosy yesterday and paid my $5.00 to gary. Just wanted to let you know. This was the first time I was at a retirement dinner. My wife and I had a wounder- full time. The food was excellent. I retired from warrensburg div. in 2005. Will try to make the meeting in warsaw next year. James Fockler May 7, 2014 - Faye Anglin Roy -- Put me on the list of those who really enjoy the website. I hope you hear from lots of retirees who appreciate your efforts as much as I do. From experience, I know that just gathering the information is the hardest part. Good luck with it -- you do a fantastic job. November 22, 2012 - Harold Steenbergen Great website. I do have a question—I couldn’t tell whether the member log-in procedure had been set up yet or whether you are still developing it? November 23, 2012 - Carol (Ray) Kirsch Hi, Roy! Thanks so much for the e-mail on the new website for Gas Service/MGE retirees. I think it will be GREAT! It will be so nice to keep up with all of our retired co-workers because once we retire, we seem to lose track of everyone. I STILL have one of the old Western Resources (KPL/Gas Service/KG&E) Retirees Directory dated June, 1993 showing retirees' names and addressses. I refer to it now and then and wonder where the Gas Service retirees now live, or if they are still living. I wish we had an updated directory for the Gas Service retirees (Missouri Gas Energy). I wish that when they have the Annual Meeting, a copy of the MINUTES of the meeting could be available to those who cannot attend. I live in Branson and I just can't attend the meetings although I would love to. I would gladly pay for the envelope and postage to have a copy mailed to me if that is possible. It would just be interesting to know what has been discussed at the meetings because I don't know what is going on with the company or the Retirees' Association. I will continue to mail in my yearly dues of $5 to renew my membership in the Gas Service/MGE Retirees' Association of Missouri. December 10, 2012 - Faye Anglin Thanks, Roy, for putting this all together and sending it to us. I thought it was very interesting.
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